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Aerial Choice. Its Important!

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The most important decision is aerial choice because it is the aerial that the vital signal quality can be attained

All manufactures of TV aerials design that little more differently to their competitors for the sales edge. But none of them will build you a ‘Digital’ Aerial, Because there is no such thing as a ‘Digital’ aerial. In the trade we referLog Periodic2 to an aerial as Digital solely for assuring a client that the Aerial will perform the task of receiving all Digital (Freeview) signals. TV Aerials that display Confederation of Aerial Industries Benchmark logo are Aerials that pass all tests and will receive a certificate to prove conformity.

It is important that all components of the installation are of a standard to perform trouble free signal transfer. Knowing how to get the best performance from benchmarked components will be skill of the installer. Installers also have to pass certain criteria within the industry to assure that the installation is performed within regulations.

To be sure of a signal that will give you a trouble free viewing experience components that display the CAI Benchmark logo and of course the ‘digital’ logo    pictured below are materials that Active Aerials will provide for installation.

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The aerial trade is not immune from wholesalers who will import products from abroad and label them as ‘Digital’ aerials because the word ‘Digital’ is what you will probably look for when purchasing an aerial for your expensive TV. You may drop lucky and it will work for a while until it is put to the test from a common disruptive source such as ‘impulse’ interference which will annoy you to the stage that you will want to re-box it and  request that the salesperson who sold it you file it where the sun never shines. Did you check your Coaxial cable from the aerial?..The socket on the wall?...The fly lead?..Video lead?.and to be assured you are purchasing the correct product, always look for the ‘Digital Logo’ pictured above.

 Displaying the CAI Logo. Here is a list of Benchmarked TV Aerials are the type of TV Aerial you should look for now. You can visit the CAI website. if you visit the site click on Benchmarked aerials and you will understand why Professional installers use Benchmarked TV Aerials and products..


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