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AV to Digital Signals..The Next Step.

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For the first time! A solution for the AV input problem in an all digital world. The MAC-401 has been specifically configured into a low cost stand alone case designed for the purpose of converting existing A/V outputs from analogue sources into a ‘Freeview’ compatible digital multiplex.

MAC-201 Example3
The MAC-401 works by offering the incoming A/V signals into an MPEG-2 encoder whereby the signals are converted into a digital bit stream. This is modulated into a COFDM multiplex occupying an 8MHz bandwidth.

With an onboard LCD programmer or via a conventional PC or laptop (using web browser), our simple menu based setup screen allows the titling and channel numbering with a whole host of extra features, such as channel tuning and level adjustment.


Antiference Modulator

At present Digital enabled TV’s still have Analogue tuners built into them, but manufactures will eventually stop installing these tuners for purpose of cost and of course its redundant nature. TV’s will have digital tuners in the future that will need a totally different source of signal. AV components that need to be distributed via a system will need to be converted to a signal that future TV’s will respond too. The MAC 401 will allow 4 AV signals from any source to be distributed with ease.

Picture left shows a single channel modulator manufactured by Antiference Ltd. This modulator would serve a CCTV signal that needs to be distributed via a typical shared aerial distribution system such as a large appartment complex or similar application.


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