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led7         LED Lighting for the Home inside and out.

Led flood lights use what we believe is the most advanced, economical illumination technology there is; light emitting diodes. Forget energy efficient bulbs and tubes, led's deliver the ultimate in longevity and economy. This technology is the mainstay where bright, dependable, economical lighting is demanded. We think our range of led flood lights will provide you with the solution to all your flood lighting requirements. Measured in durability, expected operational life and running costs led flood lights have all of the advantages

20 wat led 2

Led flood lights are the future of exterior lighting. Where traditional flood lights consume lots of energy and require frequent bulb replacement led flood lights provide an equivalent level of illumination at far lower power usage and with life cycles measured in years... not hours.

If energy costs are making your traditional flood lighting uneconomic to operate you don't have to settle for darkness; our led flood lights deliver the kind of illumination and economical operating costs you are looking for. Traditional flood lights require maintenance and frequent bulb replacement; led's do not. If you want to continue using flood lighting but don't want to be hit by crippling electricity bills led flood lights are the way forward.

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