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Your New Home

newhomeCoaxial cables are installed in your new home as part of the wiring specifications. However your builder as wired your home with coaxial (ie:Aerial Cable),  it still may be possible to utilize what is installed to save you from unnecessary drilling of walls to supply cables for Satellite.

We could inspect on your invitation  or you could e-mail us with what coaxials you have and what you require. With our experience we will be able to offer you a solution.

To utilize your aerial system differently would allow better integration, allowing components such as Sky, Freesat, Cable and also CCTV to be viewed and controlled from other rooms around the home without the need to buy additional receivers. We can integrate a number of components on just a single coaxial cable. What you view in the lounge can also be viewed, and controlled if desired from any other room.


Call us and we will assist you with many types of distribution specifications that will give you the benefit of a wider viewing choice.  For instance if you move into your new home and only have SKY installed then why not use the already installed coaxials to feed the sky pictures to other rooms?.

Your new home is a major investment so visions of having cables tacked all around the outside is a worry that we can diminish for you with our knowledge of signal integration and distribution.tv wall mounted

There are some incredible benefits to having your TV on the wall, not only does it provide more flexibility in where you place the TV; it is also great way of freeing up some precious space. Some popular TV Installations we complete are above the fireplace, across the corner of a room and floating on the Wall with hidden cabling. There are a range of TV Wall Mounts available which perform a variety of functions from fitting your TV flat to the wall to allowing full articulation where the screen can be pulled away from the wall into a variety of viewing positions.


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