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Copy of matthew-boulton-collegeI don’t want to finish my site without saying ‘Thank you’ to Matthew Boulton College for supporting me all the way to becoming the 1st Registered Digital Installer in the UK.

I have worked in the Aerial industry since 1977, self taught I gathered knowledge from any source to  achieve and work to a professional standard. I gained knowledge about Aerials and working at heights installing Band 3 pmr communications for RayCom ( Ray Whithers ) and  from working with Radio Hams in the early days of CB Radio.

TV Aerial installs were around 15.00 installed, my cat ladders I made from two bent aerial masts bolted onto a spare ladder. I shiver looking back at the risks I took when I climbed roofs in all weathers.

Health & Safety? That must of been tying your ladder to the gutter with a off cut of coaxial cable. The money was good and I enjoyed the challenges of the early days of aerial rigging. ‘Cowboys’ define the word, we all took risks to our own lives and I suppose looking back without knowing it put the general public at risk too.

 If Health & Safety was as strict as it is today back then I am  sure we would of kept them on their toes 24/7. We did use ‘common sense’ back then, I know! ‘Contradiction’  but ‘joe public’ had common sense too, which I suppose made our job that bit more safer by not walking into our ladders accidentally on purpose.

Well now here I am 30 years on having been the aerial installer that knew the aerial trade inside-out honed into becoming UK’s first Registered Digital Installer by a very dedicated team who I will say with gratitude and sincere thanks helped and supported me at every stage..mbc

I continued with Matthew Boulton after my award and gained further Qualifications for design and install of Integrated Reception Systems.

Their team I have experienced are hands on and very dedicated to students.

This is not a form of advertising for the College but my personal way of saying ‘Thank you’ to a team loyal to there students.


Copy of matthew-boulton-college

From left: Peter Chester. Mustafa Shevket. Ian Reynolds. House of Commons 2006

If you are in the Aerial trade or even thinking of training to become an Aerial installer, what Matthew Boulton gave to me  as helped me to integrate my knowledge with my service and as on two occasions secured me with major contracts one with a large electrical contracting company and a large property management company.

Sincere Thanks to Peter, Mustafa and Ian for their hard work and dedication.

Ray Bridge. Active Aerials & Systems



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