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On the left is a diagram of how an Integrated Reception System would typically be installed. At the Head-End Antennas are installed and then combined using the V24-310. A common output carrying the combined signals is then fed to the V5-101T launch amplifier. Four coaxial cables are also routed from a satellite dish, each individually carrying one of four signal configurations Vertical High (VH) Vertical Low (VL) Horizontal High (HH) and Horizontal Low (HL).

The signals can now be balanced at the Launch Amplifier (V5-101T) before being amplified and launched to Multiswitches. again the signal is balanced and then each outlet that will provide ‘Satellite, UHF,FM, DAB and also CCTV is connected with Screened Coaxial Cable.

Left is just one example of many configurations.

Mainly installed on communal systems but are becoming more popular in domestic homes. This type of system should now be considered for all new builds.

Email or Call for details on the benefits.

An up to date TV Aerial Distribution System with the benefit of providing satellite signals to all points also

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